Pardillo 2015

Pardillo 2015

Forecast 10/27

The Moon enters Taurus at 2:07 AM but the Taurus Full Moon occurs once it has set ET, at exactly at 8:05 AM.

You may experience some early morning “shoulds” or realize certain tasks were not attended to as you would like. Nonetheless, there is a powerful momentum to tackle any task and run with it.

Creativity is high and you may experience a sense of fatefulness or an inexplicable faith that things work out, even in the face of tight odds.

A Venus/Uranus picture indicates that an unexpected encounter may change everything, especially if the heart or money is involved. This does not mean that you cast off your original goal. If anything, this may create an even greater dedication to what is most important.

enhanced rainbowThe Sabian Symbol for the Taurus Moon at 3-4° is: “The rainbow’s pot of gold glows amidst the sparkling rain”. This classic image reminds you that after a downpour, the riches are there, if you are willing to look for it.

Without rain nothing grows, even though rain can be inconvenient and even dangerous. The rainbow itself indicates a message is available, and with the lineup of planets in the sign of Virgo, the message may not be obvious. Look for reaffirming signs that you are on the right track, or if it feels this is not the case, look for avenues to get you redirected.

The shift may not be a big one, but may involve a person or people who can offer the support needed to get you to that vein of gold. Keep in mind that if you don’t look upward, you miss the rainbow.
boy with candleThe Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio Sun at 3-4° is: “Youth carries a lit candle in his first church service”. This image works beautifully because it conjures youthful innocence that does not question faith, but feels the honor to step into adult ceremony.

Both symbols relate to one’s primary belief system, although the rainbow seems fantastic and the church service is a practice. Yet the rainbow offers a mythological comfort that is triggered after a strong summer rain.

Sometimes a childlike response to a natural phenomenon is just what is needed to once again return to a spiritual practice with the openness of youth.

irisThe Taurus Moon, longs for a tangible manifestation of what is desired. It is lit by the Scorpio Sun. Scorpio is the sign of deep merger, an ability to read between the lines and sense between the worlds. The Greek goddess of the rainbow was Iris. She used the rainbow as her device to deliver messages from the heavens, to the earth and to the Underworld.

If you have a message you’d like to give or receive, you might put a picture of a rainbow somewhere you can see it. There are other ways to communicate than in words alone. Sometimes, when you use a visual catalyst (in this case a rainbow), you may find that the message comes available in a way that you could not have planned.

This is also the Hunter Moon, when the moon close to the Earth lights the path of those who seek a goal. Whatever your goals, this is a dynamic full moon. Release old grievances and recycle unfinished projects. Aim to meet your challenges and make concrete moves at this time.

The results over the next couple of weeks may be very electric.

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