Inaugurate Love

Inaugurate Love

There are alternatives to all the pomp and ceremony, protests and spin that fill the airwaves today. Ellen Burstyn has organized a day of meditation, dance and drumming in upper Manhattan. It’s called: Inaugurate Love: Dreaming a Nation United. I love that!

Burstyn is a dynamic actress in her 8th decade who I remember best from the film Resurrection. She played a healer whose skill makes her an unwilling celebrity.

It may feel good to lash out or be the winner, but the US is a wounded country.

We have lost our Soul and the reason may be that we never really connected with it dimensionally. There’s no winner in a divided nation or family. We don’t agree to disagree, we vehemently oppose anything that does not hold what we consider our values.

There’s a harsh lens closing in on our values now. When Rep. Price the Health and Human Services Sec Nominee claimed the US to be a “compassionate society”, Bernie Sanders eloquently disagreed.

There is a wave rising. The power of it demands a higher octave of love. For the complete forecast of Inauguration Day