Inauguration Day 2017 Astrology

There’s no question that the Universe has a sense of humor when you realize that 1/20 is the birthday of both Kellyanne Conway and of Bill Maher.

Of course, for Kellyanne the swearing in of President Trump is a day to dance.

Bill Maher’s comments however, bring to mind the phrase “to be careful what you ask for” 

The 1/20/2017 Scorpio Moon indicates that a great force of power initiates.

This is a dynamic Inaugural horoscope, but we have to look at how it affects the new president. The Inaugural chart colors his term and indicates his relationship with his office.

Think of a child that is born — that child has a horoscope that shows their potential, challenges and aspects of who they are. That child’s horoscope is a transit for the parent. What was going on for the parent at the time the child came into the world has brought in a living lesson.

Because of the transit of Saturn, Donald Trump’s presidency is a HUGE responsibility; it will keep him up nights and is a financial and contractual obligation.

He has chosen to be sworn in with 2 Bibles, one that represents a father of the USA— Lincoln’s Bible (the same one Obama used). The other is a Bible given to him by his immigrant Scottish mother.

Saturn creates the frame: Trump is sworn to uphold his oath by two powerful authority figures for his personal psyche.

As I’ve written before, the last time Trump went through this transit, his corporation experienced bankruptcies and he walked away from HUGE financial debt. Link for that blog here 

Yet for all his bluster, there is a reckoning that occurs this third time around. The FIRST time Trump had this Saturn transit was 1958. Extremely undisciplined, his father sent him to military school.

As Trump surrounds himself with military advisors, it’s of interest to look to his quote about his childhood: “I was a wise guy, and they wanted to get me in line,” he said. “Thinking back, it was a very positive influence.”

From a holistic perspective, Donald Trump has brought to the surface the dark underbelly of the USA; our wounds are transparent and scream for attention. We had best dress and heal the wounds by listening to one another.

Trump’s transit of Saturn (the planet symbolizes limitation, fear, discipline) to his Sagittarius Moon (his emotional body) and his Gemini Sun (how he shines in the world) will test him for the duration of his term.

There is also a challenged configuration to Venus/Saturn (Saturn inconjunct) which shows he continues to see limitations on love and abundance. Since that is how he is hardwired, this increases his tendency to withdraw. He may be upfront and present, but he expects and tends to invite rejection.

For the rest of us (and for Trump, should he choose to be uncharacteristically objective) — take advantage of the tremendous momentum and forward motion.

The Scorpio Moon supports passion and direction; if you know where you are headed, the Force is with you. Those who have a clear agenda and the will to follow-through are poised for success.

As the Women’s March gathers like-minded people from all over the country and beyond, they can ignite the energy of a collaborative engine.

Venus and Mars in Pisces indicates a merger of both men and women who have a vision; coupled with Scorpio’s intense tenacity, only a team of equal focus could stop it.

Whether you put your energy into your business, relationships, health or activism today— be clear, be ready and make it happen.

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