motorcycleForecast 6/14

A Mars/Pluto picture in the morning on Flag Day suggests power struggles; this may be in the news or it could be confined to a family disagreement.

The healthiest release of this energy is to have a way to express it. Picture concentrated weight-lifting, a focused martial art or razor-edge performance driving. These are the kinds of physical activities that lend themselves to this.

If you feel an inner engine inside of you that demands self-control, then be alert to what you say and how you move. When someone is not aware of this sensation, they can move with more force than was intended or say words with a sharper delivery than is wise.

If you are the recipient in what feels like an attack, be sure that your response leaves you feeling liberated, and not caught in a circle. Sometimes a graceful retreat is the best tactic. A sudden revelation in mid-afternoon may change everything.

The evening lends itself to a more sober and tranquil time; enjoy the company of valued friends or solitary reflection.

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