lightning-shelterInspiration abounds—

Inspiration abounds; you can either pin it down or watch it ricochet.

With all the noise and distractions available in our technological world, sometimes we really need to deep dive into quiet reflection.

Creative energy explodes when you let yourself go within; sometimes it can be a shock with its demand and intensity.

Give yourself the time to explore what comes up and the company that supports your journey.

Without the opportunity to check into your own feelings, its easy to get swayed or heavily influenced by another’s opinion. You may overlook the necessity of recharging, but some days call for it and this is one. Resistance is futile.

You may avoid this because there’s something you think you don’t want to see. You may prefer light conversation to one that digs up sensitive issues.

It’s always better to engage willingly then to get pushed into it. It’s going to be good, revelatory— and far more productive if you cooperate.

If you don’t get into a meditative zone, somehow situations happen to encourage you to either be alone or with someone with whom you are most comfortable.