editingForecast 8/7

A Mercury/Jupiter picture in the wee hours suggests that today rocks with a list of activities. Best bet is to write it out the night before.

Mercury slips into Virgo, to begin a few weeks of detail-oriented communication.

The Taurus Moon supports tangible manifestation; enjoy activities through which you can see, touch, taste and smell the results.

This is also a fabulous time for editing, which if that’s your natural propensity, you will thrive. If not, this might be a time to play with that. Another way to express this energy is to see what might change in your day-to-day routine for better health and commutation.

Tonight may be a bit uneven as you work out what you’d like to do with other people’s needs. Challenging though this may be, the prognosis for resolution is excellent.

Keep positive and keep the conversation rolling, even if it’s only in your head. Any anxiety should alleviate in the late evening; give yourself a good nights rest.

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