Riverwalk Scooters ©Cucinell 2012

Riverwalk Scooters ©Cucinell 2012

Forecast 8/9

This Gemini Moon suggests delightful experiences with neighbors, networking and playful curiosity.

Any activities or projects that require commitment, responsibility or an appropriate mentor benefit from taking the time to do it right. Not only does this work out better in the short-run but can lead to long-term rewards.

Pay attention to opportunities or relationships that present themselves today. This may not be the time to act, depending on where the Venus Retrograde is in relationship to your birth horoscope, but take note of who you meet and what is discussed.

Sometimes what begins as a casual conversation or the germ of an idea has the ability to take root. The urge to explore new avenues of knowledge is one to indulge.

Get on your bike and find a new neighborhood. Visit a friend in a place you’ve never been.

Wonder can come in the most unexpected place!