sleep_kuznetsovForecast 8/6

A Sun/Pluto picture in the wee hours suggests a power struggle for those awake. This can be with another person, entity or even with yourself.

There are undercurrents that once defined, become easier to handle. A Mars/Saturn picture soon after that, shows a real desire to stay the course.

Even if you’re asleep this can seed you energetically, if the night before you’ve laid out a day’s plan.

The Taurus moon suggests activities that require follow-through are well supported. This includes of course a vacation that might have you relaxing! More industrious activities enjoy excellent results.

A Mercury/Venus picture midmorning bodes well for conversations about love, affection and money. Be sure to include the spiritual practice in your goal whether it be work, financial or relationship oriented.

This means to include prayer, meditation, check-in with angels or whatever form of connection to a higher power feels comfortable for you. When you open up channels to other planes, you allow in options beyond your dreams.

A late afternoon mercury/Saturn picture in the sky indicates the importance of measured conversation and well thought out communication.

Although you can continue to push forward with whatever drives you the evening also suggest a need for a good meat meal in comfortable surroundings. Plan strategies for another focused day tomorrow.

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