FlaschenpostForecast 7/2

The Capricorn Moon continues to shine with excellent follow-through support and strategic alliances.

A Mercury/Uranus picture in the early afternoon suggests that inspiration is available and may come from unexpected sources. Some examples can be “out of the mouths of babes”, a message that flies through the Internet or a signpost you pass by.

You may not get to act on the inspiration as it hits you, but be sure to record it for another day. You may have the sense that you’re continually adjusting the lens on a camera.

Stay with it, because clear focus enables a committed outcome. Messages may be off the mark in the afternoon. Be wary of over-booking or over-extending.

It may be hard to get comfortable in the evening, but it’s got more to do with what’s going on inside than the temperature of the room or the hardness of a chair.

Work through the feelings and great resolution is possible.

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