Ivanka Trump Astrology “Like Father, Like Daughter”

The birth time of Ivanka Trump is not public knowledge, and since she’s a Scorpio, it will probably never be revealed by her. Scorpios can be extremely magnetic and yet exude mystery. With Mars in Virgo, Ivanka puts forward an impeccable appearance and projects sexuality while standing apart. It’s not only because of her wealth and status, but the Virgo influence keeps distance, as well as keeps score.

Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication and it’s part of her stellium (a lot of planets in the same sign) in Libra. Both Saturn (the authoritarian) and Jupiter (the seeker) are planets that indicate influences from the father. Since Mercury is wedged between the two, Ivanka’s statements may swing between measured and careful to explorative and even cavalier. Added to this is Pluto, the agent of powerful transformations. Ivanka has manipulated herself into a beautiful package and brand. She is strikingly perfect, a product of her own making.

With Neptune and Venus in Sagittarius, she has terrific intuition as long as she doesn’t cloud it with alcohol or fantasy. These two planets indicate her aptitude for fashion, style and art. They also suggest her vision for power and success, which she was born into but strives to exceed.

We can use a noon chart for this very public person. Regardless of the time she was born, Ivanka’s Moon sign is in Sagittarius. The Moon sign shows how a person nurtures, creates home and reacts. It indicates who they are in the realm of their emotions and how they handle a crisis.

Ivanka and Donald Trump both have the Moon in Sagittarius. This means they are “at home” with one another. None of her siblings share this ease with their father and it’s one reason why they may refer to her as “his favorite”. She certainly “gets” who he is.

Ivanka, like her father was born into wealth and a drive to work. Yet her drive seems bound up with striving for success, power and because this is what she was born to do. There’s a component to it that emulates royalty more than a passion to make her own unique mark.

She does have the capacity to do this, but only if she’s willing to break out of the restrictions of the family brand. This seems extremely unlikely, since she is “daddy’s girl”.

A very interesting spin on who Ivanka is comes fro her own self-help book, The Trump Card. Excerpts from the book can be found in this New Yorker article.