ice rink_ january astrology forecastJanuary Action: Venus went retrograde at the Winter Solstice; this suggests further belt-tightening and a tendency for design mishaps. Conventional wisdom recommends research on makeovers and décor rather than to begin a procedure. You can update your wardrobe by rethinking the look. Adding and subtracting over time is more advisable than a one-shot shop. It’s OK to have your hair trimmed by your regular stylist, but forays into unfamiliar relationships tend to create “disconnects”. Old lovers or friends from the past pop up. Marriages and contracts do happen, but their longevity depends on factors in the natal horoscopes. Venus in Capricorn’s focus is on investments, education or services that have long-term effects.

In January 2014, Jupiter is still retrograde through early March 2014: careful with new ventures. This depends on the project and your own natal horoscope (check with your astrologer!) Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes good fortune, luck and expansion. Retrograde Jupiter can indicate inhibitions or stalled opportunities. Yet it’s a great time to gather and integrate knowledge.