2020 Forecasts a BIG year (are you thinking: another one?)

My podcast about the first 3 months of 2020. 

2020 has 7 eclipses (because we include the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse since it’s the partner of the January 10, 2020 Lunar Eclipse). 2020 also has 3 significant conjunctions, which begins a huge shift cycle.

The world as we know it is shifting and as a result, many people experience grief. For some the grief is identifiable; loss of job, beloved person or pet. For others the grief is insidious — the neighborhood changes, state of the world overwhelm or hope erodes.

No matter how attached we are to a situation, person or concept, we are part of an ever-changing universe. Sheer force of will cannot hold anything in one form forever. In 2020 we see how brittle resistance to the future becomes.

There is no way to fast-forward grief. Some try to power through it, mask it, suppress it, self-medicate or all of the above. In the end, the best way to cope with grief is to allow its process— otherwise we risk the pull of the undertow.

Many people are exhausted — it’s become normal to dread the news and fear the future. Yet this is not a sustainable way to live. As difficult as the shifts of 2020 may be, choose to be conscious, stay in your body and experience the present.

January 10 2020 Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020 is a Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer. It is the crescendo energy for the Solar Eclipse that occurred on December 26, 2019. The planet Uranus (which symbolizes change, revolution, freedom) stations direct that same day. Often when Uranus changes direction there is an earth event.

On its heels, January 12 is the exact conjunction of Saturn/Pluto. This is the first significant conjunction of 2020.

Saturn is the status quo, authority, structures and fear. In this configuration with Pluto (which symbolizes devouring power) we enter situations where no one backs down, leading to destruction and irrevocable transformation.

This is a time of dismantling, rigid oppositions and cold force. The absolute value of a meditation practice and centering techniques to aim for clarity of intention cannot be overemphasized.

Throughout history, when these two planets are in this alignment, we witness profound metamorphosis. The U.S. Constitution was crafted during this conjunction. One can say that the passion and directive of the landowners in the colonies had triumphed over the redcoats. The horoscope of the Constitution presents its ideals with Aquarius Rising while Pluto and Saturn crouch behind the facade ready to level any playing field with absolute force.

In 1914 at the start of WWI, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct as Old Europe dismantled. A new orientation for Europe occurred at the conjunction’s next cycle in 1946 after WWII with the Nuremberg Trials and ethnic cleansing.  On its next round, during the early 1980s, the results were more insidious; the proliferation of terrorism in many parts of the world, supported by free-market capitalism and arms trade. The global nuclear arms race, Falkland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon wars. At the same time, the AIDS epidemic exploded.

The cycle is not one that ends, but builds like a spiral. If we track back to 1914, we can see there are echos to past decisions and outcomes. As we pass through this Saturn/Pluto conjunction, the stakes become increasingly higher.

We have been building up to this time and the fact that the exact passage occurs so close to this eclipse at Uranus’ change of direction, signals an incredibly volatile period. It does no good to panic or worry. Realize that what is required of each of us is clear-headed equilibrium. Don’t get seduced into the story. Evaluate. Stay on track and don’t succumb to making anyone “the other”.

Use this volatile energy to propel into huge shifts and unprecedented outcomes. Meditate, intend, create the vision of a more balanced world. Start one day, or one breath at a time. As an exercise, imagine gentle constant rain washing over the parched lands of Australia – the more people who make that a conscious meditation, the more possible it becomes.

Neptune was the ancient sea god. Our blue planet Earth is mainly water as are our bodies. Neptune symbolizes how we are all connected. The tug of this awareness can be a comfort or uncomfortable.

In 2020 Neptune takes a lap into the last decan of the sign of Pisces. When that happens, Neptune starts to pulse with transformational Scorpio energy… over the next few years the waves of grief have the opportunity to transform shorelines into new realities. This may be more than a metaphor.

2020 precipitates movement; it may seem chaotic at first but that allows pieces to fall together in a different way. Be present in this process — choose to be an architect of the new structures required for our brighter future.

Even though 2020 will most likely be a standout for the history books, you may not experience as much fatigue (depending on your natal horoscope). This is because 2020 has a great deal of catalyst energy — signifying action. Motion can be energizing and if you’ve a plan of actualization, this may be your year.

We have been on a long uphill journey — and in 2020 we pass through 3 of the 6 Great Conjunctions that run through 2026. Yes, we can ride the surf through the first 3 in this first year, when we stay present and focused.

Click for my podcast about the first 3 months of 2020. More to come!