img_4945Joy in the Details

Not everyone is detail-oriented, but it is relative. Details may distract or they can inform.

The phrase “can’t see the forest for the trees” is a negative; it implies that someone has no idea how big the environment because their focus is on what’s in front of them.

This can actually be a grace, because when something overwhelms it can feel daunting (and may truly be impossible).

On the other hand, when one is too big-picture oriented, they can dismiss any possibility of a foot soldier’s ability to make a difference.

What seems to be key here (with a planetary picture between Venus and Neptune) is how do you reach out for guidance? Simply, Venus symbolizes love and money whereas Neptune indicates our intangible connection to all things and one another.

An easy way to explain this is through music.

You may hear a tune that you like; the beat and melody attracts but the analysis of the words or who makes the music may put you off.

Perhaps you respond to the universal chord or a catchy riff, but when you drill down you choose to reject your automatic response.

The joy in the details sometimes comes with the courage to drill even further down.

This opens the potential to come to terms with what you initially reject.

This may lead to a confrontation or a more comprehensive understanding of how each tree is integral to the whole of the forest.