Forecast 7/4 

This U.S. Independence Day has an Aquarius Moon, the sign that the moon is naturally in the U.S. birth chart. As a result, this indicates an important year for the U.S. This “solar return” birthday for the U.S. will take us up to the summer before the next presidential election.

Expect jazzed energy and high spirits.

In spite of over-the-top enthusiasm, it may be best to limit running around since everything feels BIG.

This can be terrific fun for those who thrive on excitement and love to burn the candle on both ends, but it is not a recipe for a peaceful evening. What is ebullient partying for one can be zealous assertion for another.

If you decide to do it ALL, be aware that the next morning may feel a bit hard. Even if you moderate and limit your activities, the only way you feel satisfaction at the end of the day is if you are able to meet all your commitments.

Otherwise, you may go to bed with a nagging voice in your head. Keep in mind that this may be impossible to accomplish if you’re caught with a concern you can do little about.

There are a great deal of problems and injustices in the world, but every small step to do right is a good thing. Don’t get swept into the chaos of problems so much that you disparage the positive action you can take.

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