Jupier_ZeusJupiter enters the sign of Cancer on June 25, 2013 at 9:40 p.m. ET through July 16, 2014.

Jupiter is the planet named after the King of the Gods; the sky god known as Zeus to the ancient Greeks. Over the past 12 months while Jupiter was in Gemini, the energy may have been a bit fractured and all over the place. In Cancer it develops a force and focus. Jupiter is said to be the “Great Benefic” because of its power to magnify whatever it touches. This is fabulous with luck and opportunity, but not so good if something negative is looming. You must decide where to put your emotional emphasis, because in the water sign Cancer, it’s all about where you put your heart.

The transition from Gemini to Cancer occurs on the day before Mercury goes retrograde. If you’ve been swamped with information and data, the next few weeks is the time to do some serious editing. Cut to the chase, file or shelve anything that is not immediately pertinent to your wants and survival. This enables you to open to the opportunities of greatest benefit to you, your home and your family.

The real estate market may explode over the next few months (especially after the retrograde when people evaluate prices, etc). This does not mean a ballooning but it does mean that optimism for home-owning and moving on returns. The Romans saw Jupiter as the god of Justice, and in Cancer it deepens your commitment to home and hearth.

What is different about this Jupiter in Cancer is that it will engage with those two dominant outer planets, Uranus (symbolizing change, revolution) and Pluto (irrevocable transformation). When Jupiter is in direct contact with these planets expect an extra challenge, especially if it triggers a sensitive point on your horoscope.  The urge for Justice pushes into this cooking cauldron so it’s bound to create ultimatums and upsets.

Regardless of how personally it affects you, these will be volatile days on Earth, culminating on April 20, 2014 with the last pass. This does not necessarily mean doom and gloom, but it is another indication of the high stakes at this time. Each of us must take personal responsibility to answer to the Truth that beats within. Since we’re all connected, when we really go within to find the answers, we surface with a deep knowing. Fear of this connection creates all the fissures.

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Jupiter /Pluto opposition: August 7, 2013, January 31, 2014

Jupiter/ Uranus square: August 21, 2013, February 26, 2014

Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto – T Square: April 20, 2014

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