Jupiter Enters Scorpio… Ready or Not?

Jupiter in Scorpio: October 10 2017- November 8, 2018

On October 10, 2017,  starting at 9:20 AM ET, Jupiter begins its 13 month journey in Scorpio through November 8, 2018.

You might think that Jupiter, which symbolizes justice and the legal system would be all about fairness in the sign of Libra.

But actually as we’ve seen this year, as the scales swing to create balance, stark polarities can be drawn. When the planet of good fortune and expansion is in Libra, the sign of partnership, your luck comes from relationships. Over the past year, have certain relationships strengthened? Have others demanded that sides be chosen?

The horoscope of the USA has Sagittarius Rising, so where Jupiter travels tends to have a big impact. For instance, as Jupiter moved in Libra its passed through the 10th house, which for a country represents its reputation in the world and its leader.

The United States seemed to swing from one position to another this year, as President Trump defined his White House.

Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio, it will shift into the 11th house, symbolizing the legislative branch, VP and allies. This may suggest more cohesive government, since Jupiter will initially be in harmonious aspect with the US’s  planets in Cancer.

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When Jupiter is in Scorpio, it magnifies the dark — this can mean a deep, involved mystery gets plumbed. The ‘”dark” means subjects that are often taboo. Certainly sex can be part of this. Crimes absolutely. Discussions of death and addiction. Taxes and debt will continue to dominate discourse in government.

Yet the most intimate and uncomfortable subject may be long-term investments, retirement options, inheritance and how we choose to share (or don’t share) money with loved ones or community.

Jupiter in Scorpio can be revelatory for those willing to dig deep and gain greater self-awareness. It can also lead to deeper relationships and better security — but only for those willing to risk vulnerability for profound understanding.

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