renoirJupiter in Leo 2014-2015

Jupiter in Leo is not for everyone. The enthusiasm to party increases, as does romance, risks and creativity; it may come on too hot, too strong or seem frivolous to some. Jupiter enters Leo on July 16 at 6:30 a.m. ET where it stays until August 2015.

This past cycle, with Jupiter in Cancer, many of us have been under deep emotional upheaval. Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic”, the planet of good fortune and luck. But Jupiter also magnifies whatever energy it contacts.

With Saturn in Scorpio, also a water sign, Jupiter may have supported the need for discipline and new structures that allow transformation. Many of us may have suffered a loss, but Jupiter does encourage the ability to process the emotions and be open to renewal. Astrologers know that it is not uncommon to find a harmonious transit from Jupiter at the time of someone’s death. This signifies it is time and there is angelic support.
jupiterLEOAs Jupiter enters Leo, it sets off a different dynamic than when it was in Cancer. Leo is a fire sign, which symbolizes a motivation to be inspired. It calls attention to itself and encourages BIG strokes and creative gambles. People who have Fire and Air signs prominent in their horoscopes will feel particularly active this year, especially when Jupiter gives a direct nudge.

Jupiter does not make any deep alliances with outer planets the way it did last year, except for late September 2014 when it trines Uranus. Trines are harmonious geometric connections, so this may be a period of particularly unexpected opportunities. Since Jupiter adds credibility to whatever unusual offering Uranus creates, more people might find it palatable than at other times. If you’re planning a launch or proposal of a new concept or radical idea, consider late September, if it works with your personal horoscope.

If you know your Rising Sign (or Ascendant), read that forecast along with your Sun sign. Often it is the former which rings the most true. Aside from its overall influence of seeking excellence, inspiration and love, this is what you might expect of Jupiter in Leo-

ARIES: If romance has not been on your agenda, expect a switch. Even if you’ve been married for 20 years, Jupiter is stimulating your overall sense of creative play. If romance doesn’t interest you, then ignite another creative passion. This doesn’t have to be handled as an assignment (as though one could tell an Aries what to do) but you may feel that romance and/or creative expression gets a reboot over the next 12 months, especially this fall. Anticipate new ways to handle the old work tensions.

TAURUS: You are not known for your ability to make changes, Taurus, yet there are strong indications that some will be made in your home with Jupiter in Leo. No matter how attached you are to Aunt Etta’s loveseat, some major upheavals may occur. A sudden decision in the fall can be the catalyst for how this takes shape. It could be as simple as changing a wall color or as radical as a total physical move, but this is about your creating a new launchpad for your dreams.

GEMINI: You may get involved with some opportunities through your sibling or a neighbor. This period may signify an easier commute, reliable transit or a new vehicle. You may spend more time on your bike or walking through your neighborhood than you have for awhile. If you’re a writer, expect a prolific year.  Even if you’re not, this may be a time to start a writing workshop or a journal.

CANCER: This may be an excellent money period for you (of course, it also looks like an unexpected opportunity from work may enable this). A raise is possible. Take advantage of what looks like a very positive trend for your health; invest in whatever may support your body in this; a personal trainer, health coach or a holistic guide. Investments of all kinds may pay off in December/January.

LEO: Ideally, this is your year, Leo. Jupiter enhances how you want to shine and how effective that can be has everything to do with your comfort level for self-expression. If you’ve felt bottled up or unable to soar, reach out for the support needed to make that your reality. You will be lit up this year, as people see you as vibrant and relevant. Unexpected travel enhances possibilities for you.

VIRGO: There is an “angel at your shoulder” and you are encouraged to dive into dreams. If you don’t usually remember or record your dreams, you may find a compelling reason to do so at this time. An excellent period to study metaphysics, hypnosis or energy work. Allow yourself retreat, whenever you can find it. Pray, meditate, go to concerts, a museum or make some artwork. Fill the well.

LIBRA: Network, get out and meet with friends. Make new ones and try new groups. If you don’t already have a “significant other”, you might meet a parade of unusual candidates. You don’t have to act on any of these offerings, but it does make life entertaining. On the other hand, it is an excellent time to explore different kinds of partnerships with professional alliances than has been your habit.

SCORPIO: Depending on when you were born, the past couple of years may have been quite demanding on you, Scorpio. With Jupiter moving into Leo, you may start to receive some hard won professional accolades or recognition. An unexpected routine or personnel change at work makes life for the better. It is important to watch your health and money, however. Don’t shortchange your well-being by over stretching your comfort level financially or physically.

SAGITTARIUS: This is an auspicious period for travel, publishing, litigation and education. You may benefit from any of those areas or all, depending on just how lucky a Sagittarius you are! To sweeten the pot even more, romance is on the rise. Your partner may surprise you with uncharacteristic behavior which can lead to new levels of excitement. If you’re single, you may encounter fascinating, eccentric, electrifying connections that may not last but certainly inspire.

CAPRICORN: Depending on when you were born, this is or may have been a long, strange trip for you, as the earth continues to crumble under your feet. Although this is hardly a comforting image for anyone, let alone a Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo may bring more funds into your life, through real estate, investments or inheritance. This is an excellent time to explore your ancestry or experiment with past-life regression.

AQUARIUS: Since your partnerships should be having a good year, Aquarius, this may benefit you. Siblings, neighbors, spouses, etc may operate under a lucky star and you can ride with them if you keep the right perspective. You may feel there are limitations in how far you can stretch towards your hopes and wishes at this time, but that is only one point of view. The way to look at it is, what groups and friends really support your goals and which simply distract? It’s time to make choices.

PISCES: It’s time to turnaround your health and work environment, to get the most energy. Expect opportunities for growth at work. Money may fluctuate, so if you’re self-employed pace yourself accordingly. When you do this, you have what you need.This may be a time to invest for the long-run, but it requires an ability to act when situations present themselves instead of slow and consistent growth. You can look forward to a more vibrant schedule that allows you to maximize your health and output.

Jupiter stays in a sign roughly 1 Earth year. Perhaps you have a memory of what was going on for you during August 2002 through August 2003 that may echo this year’s Jupiter transit. Whatever area of life it triggers for you, may it bring the gifts of knowledge, justice and exuberance.

Does the forecast for either your Sun sign or Rising Sign forecast hit the mark? I would love your comments.
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