christmas presentForecast 12/8

A Sun/Mercury picture in the sky pre-dawn seeds dreams and meditations with problem-solving options. You may wake refreshed and buzzing.

Then again, the Cancer Moon does enhance one’s nesting urges, so another turn on the pillow is compelling.

Midday the geometric picture of the Moon’s movement with Uranus and Pluto may signal confrontations. Power struggles or challenges in finances may trigger an unexpected flare-up. This doesn’t have to be a wild ride; you decide how tightly you need to hold on to the situation.

Jupiter goes Retrograde at 3:41 p.m., beginning a 4 month period of possible delays in investments or risks. Jupiter is in Leo, which increases the discomfort of the planet signifying good fortune, wealth and wisdom in backward motion.

One of its positive manifestations may be a closer look at education, especially in schools that are short-changing the arts. A consideration of value choices gets scrutinized over this period of time.

More information may be revealed which helps to establish the course. Sometimes an innocuous source provides a perspective that would not be available through a more threatening or competitive means.

Another good way to use this Jupiter Retrograde period is to assess how well you’re using the energy of the “god of good fortune” now that it’s in Leo; we’re about 1/2 way through- for an analysis of how Jupiter in Leo affects your sign, here’s the link.

Get plenty of rest because tomorrow brings satisfaction when met with focused commitment.

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