Jupiter in Scorpio

These days, the news bludgeons us with negativity; it always did because disasters sell more papers. 2017 may be remembered as the year that the term “fake news” exploded.

Saturn, the planet that symbolizes structure, limits, discipline and fear is in the last degrees of Sagittarius as I write this. Sagittarius is the sign of foreign lands, travel, higher education, legal matters, justice and the press.

We continue to see how uncomfortable Saturn is in Sagittarius. What I mean by that is that Saturn wants to restrict, define and contain. Think of Saturn’s rings; it was the planet which appeared to be the border guard of the Solar System to the Ancients – occasionally they saw a wink from Uranus, but with no telescopes, Saturn seemed the limit.

The sign of Sagittarius wants to reach for the wider world and explore (what to Saturn) may feel like danger. Sagittarius loves to sell a concept, which may or may not be viable. As people in the US grapple with the idea of border walls, the price of education, charter schools, public schools and freedom of the press, to say nothing of the cost of healthcare and firearms, the shift of Jupiter into Scorpio will stir the pot even more.

Why is that?

Well, Sagittarius is the sign linked to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System; its gravitational orbit sucks in asteroids that would otherwise crash on Earth. Jupiter represents the great benefic – luck, good fortune, opportunity and possibilities.

The sign that Jupiter is in has an effect on what goes on during Saturn’s stint in Sagittarius. 2017 has been about extreme polarization. A lot of people see the sign of Libra as diplomacy, harmony and to make-nice. This is certainly true, yet there is also a need to define oneself through the other;

Libra is relationship-oriented not only for a partner, (romantic or business) but also as to who is the “mortal enemy”. How personally this has affected you has to do with where Libra falls in your horoscope.

Now that Jupiter has moved into Scorpio, the last couple of months of 2017 may start to take on a different tone for you. Since Pluto (the outer planet linked to Scorpio) is in direct motion through the end of the year, we can expect ongoing revelations through the press which affect our education, judicial systems as well as foreign relations. This is true regardless of where you are on the planet – how directly it involves your country depends on that country’s natal horoscope.

One constant in this fast-moving millennium is the reality that we each have an impact on one another, countries, neighbors and trolls.

Libra is a cardinal air sign — it starts things, especially in the realm of thought, conversation, justice, relationships (both positive and negative). Libra can mediate or play the devil’s advocate. If you find harmony and stasis for any length of time in the house in your horoscope where Libra resides, you will continue to adjust and need to keep an even keel there. It’s almost as though you invite in new perspective or conflict to keep balance.

So with Jupiter in Libra, we’d experienced a great deal of friction with justice, foreign relations and the press. As “fake news”, serious journalism and conspiracy theories duke it out, we leaned towards the next sign, Scorpio to solve the mysteries.

The Rape, Edgar Degas

When Jupiter was about to leave Libra, the Harvey Weinstein allegations of sexual harassment and rape exploded. Hugh Hefner, who created an empire linking women’s bodies with material goods died. Bill Cosby faces a retrial in November..

Jupiter in Scorpio may indicate our justice system and society are about to dive deeper into the economics and power schism of sexuality. These divides of dominance have existed for thousands of years, but these cracks appear in the status quo, as Pluto continues its path in Capricorn

A horrible mass shooting in LV presents no obvious motive. It has however, like the Black Lives Matters movement, shown clear divides in people’s reactions. Since Uranus is in late degree of Aries, the tension of separation has been extreme and volatile.

Uranus, like Jupiter, were sky gods – not bound by earthly restrictions, tempestuous, distant, powerful and detached. With the two planets at 180° to one another, we were thrown by unprecedented hurricanes and an unfathomable assault from a skyscraper hotel. It doesn’t matter if the hurricanes or gun massacre directly affected you or not; there is an apprehension in an increase of capricious incidents, which seem beyond our control.

In the USA, statues of confederate leaders and Columbus (who we now know destroyed, slaughtered and enslaved the cultures he came across) are threatened with extinction as Saturn makes its last moves in Sagittarius. As higher education, media and research (Sagittarius) has unearthed the true foundation of the USA, its citizens and government must determine what to create for its future.

Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio, the need and willingness to dig deeper will start to manifest, especially in 2018 when Jupiter goes retrograde and Saturn is in Capricorn.

So what can we anticipate?

Saturn moves into Capricorn on December 19. Once that happens, the chaos that seems so pervasive starts to shift. Jupiter in Scorpio is in the sign of fixed water; instead of messages from all over, we’ll start to receive a steady, unrelenting stream. The mixed signals will start to coalesce and the messages, although not necessarily comfortable, will go deep. There is danger if government wants to shut down communications to “instill safety”. This would be at a great cost. Freedom of Speech will continue to be debated in the US.

An increased desire to deepen into spiritual and therapeutic pursuits receives support from Neptune in Pisces. The more automatic a belief, the more subjected to exploration it becomes. Religious and educational institutions and prison systems will continue to erode if their foundations are built on an unsustainable premise.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since the financial collapse in 2008, so when speculative Jupiter enters Scorpio, anything not on the up and up may get exposed relatively quickly.

Mars is in Virgo until late October 2017, so the next couple of weeks can really ramp up services designed to help repair compromised areas. Mars is in Libra from October 22 to December 8; you may notice a pull back occurs either in a situation you are in or one you observe.

But on December 9, when Mars enters Scorpio those who connect deeply are really in their element. This continues until late January. Networking Light takes a backseat as the power connectors move in. If you’ve been wanting to invest in yourself or an opportunity, late this year into 2018 may be the right time for you.

As Saturn makes its final round in Sagittarius, some of you may experience an echo to events that occurred in your life in 1988. When Saturn makes a direct transit to a point on your birth horoscope, something concrete happens — it’s a physical manifestation of a new orientation to how you do life — getting born, married, divorced, changing jobs, moving, giving birth or going back to school are all direct manifestations of Saturn’s effect.

If nothing comes to mind, the effect of this past Saturn transit may have been more subtle. Yet on December 19 when Saturn enters its natural sign of Capricorn, we will notice a shift starts to occur (especially as you sharpen your ability to read the signposts that symbols provide)

Saturn in Capricorn launches a few years to create new and ideally more solid foundations. With Jupiter in Scorpio to reveal any subterfuge, and Pluto in Capricorn demanding irrevocable transformation, we are poised to begin shifts that will outlive us.

Coming out of this rather brutal period where Jupiter held the mirror of Venus, we’ve been asked to look at how we created this world that seems to be out of control.

My father used to say “I’m in a world I didn’t make” and although that is a human reaction, it does not mean that one can’t make a better world. Start where you can.

With so many planets in earth and water signs, we can create tangible flow and redefine outworn structures. If you want to schedule a session, or talk about a program that can support your process contact me 

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