A new cycle of creative awakening potential!

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of Taurus occured at 10:27 PM ET on April 20, 2024. The “void-of-course” Moon added to what we expected at this onset — which is probably nothing obvious. In today’s world, so much jockeys for attention that the obvious is often the least important.

I say onset, because this is a new orientation for how we savor the cocktail of Jupiter-Uranus. Let me explain –

Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic” because Jupiter was the god of good fortune, knowledge and expansion of ideas, territories and wealth. This was certainly true for the myth of Jupiter, the king of the gods who took whatever he wanted. In essence Jupiter expands whatever is near it. Depending on where it transits an individual horoscope, it can bring in auspicious occurences, travel and opportunities. 

Uranus is triggered by the transit of Jupiter and brings in surprise and change. In mythology, Uranus was the Great Awakener and Creator, moving through the heavens with restless and random inspiration. His energy was chaotic and mindless of consequence. 

His throne was usurped by Saturn, the god of time, limitations and fear. His grandson Jupiter, then overcame Saturn and ruled until the end of belief in the Roman gods.  Most astrologers don’t believe in gods, but use the symbols with long-studied techniques for predictions as well as evolve the interpretation of mythology for clues to the psyche and wider Universe.

Regardless of whether or not this is a personal transit for you, your state of mind and intentions for outcome are so very important at this time and throughout this year.  Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so if it’s good, it’s amazingly good and if it’s hard….well… (note the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020)

As we begin this new cycle with Jupiter-Uranus, we can anticipate big surprise and big change. Will it happen for all of us in a personal way? Probably not, but you can get an idea from how it may unfold if you study where these planets transit your horoscope (Taurus) and how strong is your relationship with the planets Jupiter and especially Uranus. Is it going to be something that may be quite obvious to the general public, and lead to new cyclical change in some areas of life? Most likely. 

Will there be phenomena that occur for our physical Earth?

More earth changes are a very strong possibility, because the sign is Taurus. Perhaps not in the opening weeks or months, but earthquakes, drought and other overwhelming situations will continue to bring necessary attention to what’s going on with Gaia. 

The last time we had a Jupiter Uranus conjunction was 2010, in Aries. Although months before the conjunction, Haiti suffered an earthquake that devastated the already challenged country. As the cycle of these planets continued in the years that followed, we have seen more violent hurricanes and earth upheavals. 

These two planets, Jupiter and Uranus, paint big strokes and graphic visuals which gain attention. Occupy Wall Street burst on the scene in 2011, then Black Lives Matter in 2013 — since Uranus symbolizes electricity and innovation, the explosion of social media has magnified every movement.

The last Jupiter-Uranus cycle moved through Pluto in Capricorn, which symbolized huge transformations in our corporate and financial structures.

I would like to say humanity will finally wake up and come together on this. The natural world is in the throes of irrevocable transformation. Each of us needs to do whatever is in our power to orchestrate constructive change. As you consider what catalyst may awaken in your life, be bold and dream big. Pluto is now in Aquarius which will sweep in unprecedented transformation.

With Mercury in Retrograde at the Jupiter-Uranus synodic reboot, it behooves us to re-member and re-ignite. If you were alive in 1970, now is not the time to rue lost dreams… now is the time to re-engage. Do what you can – as much as you can. If you are young and feel thwarted, allies are out there. Don’t be fooled by the illusions of separation that those in power want many to believe. Re-assert your right to a future with possibilities.

As I’m writing, Earth Day comes on the heels of the 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. In 1970, the first Earth Day birthed 9 months after the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Virgo. There was great promise in those early years, but many people didn’t consider the possibility that plutocrats and corporate machines kept working to uproot any movements towards equity and sustainability. 

We cannot go back to the pre-industrial landscape, that option does not exist as long as we humans are on Earth. Nor do we have the future that may have been possible if decisive action had been a mandate 54 years ago.

People tried, but greed, resistance and hubris conquered that potential through fostering complacency, addictions and exhaustion. 

We’ve got to stop placating those who want things to remain the same. Things are not the same, nor can they return to a time before industrialization.  More than ever it’s important to think healing thoughts, clear intentions, and design what you can put into action. 

Don’t think you are too small or just one person: Jupiter in Taurus is a reminder of the great wealth and resources we have on this earth— in spite of what we’ve lost. We do have the ability to create concrete change, but only with decisive action. When put into motion, every Uranian impulse to change gets an exponential return at this time.

If you know your horoscope, where is Taurus and in what house/ area of life? Is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction triggering a planet or cusp? Whether it’s personal or not directly affecting you, we all will be influenced by this opening cycle. 2024 is a bridge year as we catapult into an acceleration of change in 2025. 

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