Keys to Make a Difference in 2017

Every year has a theme, sometimes more than one. 2017 is a Year to Make a Difference. You choose where you want that difference to be felt. There are enormous shifts occurring on our planet, sociological, political, financial and physical.

No one has total control of the outcome, but the more intentional your actions, the greater the impact.

Whatever direction you choose, see it as a start; you may shift your focus in time. Look at what your life is today and decide what it’s time to adjust, change or launch.

What is the difference you’d like to make in 2017?

It’s so important to make the Year of the Rooster one where action is taken for positive changes in your life and throughout the world.

First Key to Make a Difference– After the January 8th Aquarius New Moon, we begin the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Chinese calendar is more than twice as old as the Gregorian, solar calendar we use internationally as the standard.

The Chinese year is a 13 month system, based on the lunar calendar. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year — 28 days for the moon to go from New to New again. The Judeo-Christian holy days are based on lunar cycles, which is why these holy days fluctuate year to year.

Our solar calendar is only 2017 years old and needs to be adjusted every 4 years with a leap year, to force the 365/366 days to keep in line with the Sun.

Chinese astrology uses very different mapping of the sky to calculate its systems. The Chinese studied patterns in the 12 year orbit of Jupiter and eventually named each of the 12 years after animals that emulated the energetic qualities they observed of that particular year.

There are many layers to Chinese astrology and I am no expert. Yet I recognize the similar tone of what is expressed in the Fire Rooster Year to what is indicated in Western Astrology. The Rooster follows the Monkey Year of 2016 of high risks and slight of hand, the year when “fake news” became monkey business as usual.

The Rooster wants to perform and in Fire, the flash may push past substance. The Rooster is a Yin sign which shows duality (since yin is traditionally thought of as feminine and the rooster is a male chicken).

The Rooster ignites the Fire of the Fabulous Feminine that has been rising since the turn of the 2nd millennium. The Women’s March that occurred at the tail end of the Monkey Year had male attendees who sported a pink hat or pussy ears.

The rise of this feminine energy is not about women assuming power and becoming the leaders (although that certainly is part of what threatens those who’ve held power for centuries).

The Fabulous Feminine does not want to assume power in a way modeled after the patriarchal template. As men become more comfortable with their feminine natures, the collaborative strength of societies increases.

The first Key is to Make a Difference this year is to start your day with purpose. Craft a routine.

The Rooster doesn’t sleep late; he initiates activity. A creature of commerce, his herald begins the industry. If you are a late sleeper, you don’t have to start waking at dawn. Yet when you plot a routine and stick to it, you will see productivity increase.

What is the Difference you want to make? If it’s about health and diet, decide on a routine that you can stick to. Admittedly, the Rooster encourages routines that begin on waking. Although a yoga class in the morning takes care of your exercise for the day, if you are not a morning person, do it at night.

Perhaps your difference this year is to increase your finances?

Once again, use the Rooster’s routine to see where you are at financially on a regular basis. Track your path. The Rooster wants to look good, so give yourself the clothes and look you need to project your success, but do so in a way that fits your budget.

How does this relate to you? Is it possible to create a routine that allows you to shine this year?

I am not talking about a boring routine! Create one that fits you — a routine that makes you feel good. Some people wake up with a prayer, or chant, or stretch or meditate.

You don’t want to begin by losing yourself in other people’s stuff, like emails or Twitter or the news. You might have to wake up a kiss earlier than usual to give yourself the time you need.

The routine might stimulate an investment in your business, a commitment to your health or a new relationship. Many people now feel a desire to strike out with new fervor for social justice or a cause; wherever you put your attention, know that in the Rooster year a cock-a-doodle-do! Can be a distraction from your intention.

You don’t want to respond to every call in the barnyard. Choose your routine and strive to make it yours.

So a Creative Routine is your first Key to Make a Difference. If you already have a routine that you love and that fits you, it may be time to stretch your wings a bit. A different chant, a different route, switch it up and see where it takes you.

Second Key to Make a Difference in 2017….