mirrorcarryForecast 1/17

It may be difficult to focus today, especially if obligations or responsibilities seem to infringe on the ability to play.

It is truly best to meet the job at hand, although you may need to alleviate pressure in order to sit still. This may entail a conversation or attention to a schedule to prioritize and put things in a workable format. It may also mean a brisk walk or exercise before you sit down to do the task.

It depends what the requirements are. You may not even realize that there’s a battle within you.

Sometimes it’s hard to do something because you haven’t acknowledged the sacrifice you need to make to do it or any resistance you have. Take small steps if it feels to big to tackle, then take breaks.

The odds are that it is to your advantage to make it happen, but work with yourself instead of against.

Be sure to have a fun reward in the evening to engage the Leo Moon: dance, action film or whatever lights your inner fire. ©Cucinell 2014- all rights reserved