Las Vegas Massacre — What is the Message?

As an astrologer, I do look at moments in time as they are symbolized by the geometric pattern in the sky. This provides me with a message that is open to interpretation. Astrologers agree on many points, but subtleties are subjective, as with any art.

Sometimes the horoscope provides solace. It can paint a picture that offers promise during a dark time.

On the other hand, sometimes the horoscope screams with an inevitability of fate that challenges the concept of free will.

My heart is so heavy at the cost of this event. Yet I’ll offer a few thoughts that have come through as I look at this picture.

The first is the 10/1/2017 Aquarius Moon at the time the shooting began had just passed the point of the USA moon.

We have seen many mass attacks in the USA, but this one timed after the August eclipses, may have a message that is heard in the heartland.

The USA Mars in Gemini rests in the 7th house, which tends to invite attacks or at best friendly arguments. But the Rising Sign of the massacre fell exactly on the USA Mars with a direct message as to how we lead.

This is because the planet connected to Gemini is Mercury. Mercury is the messenger; it is in the sign of Libra. Libra is the sign that celebrates Venus, diplomacy, give and take.

With both Venus and Mars in Virgo, the immediate response is to help, give blood and to be measured.

These three planets transit the 10th house of the USA horoscope at this time. The 10th house for a country symbolizes its ruler, government and reputation. There have been many events that broadcast how the USA positions itself and asserts its values.

With Neptune transiting the 4th house, the spirit of the people may begin to erode a seemingly intractable platform.

Neptune symbolizes loss, victims and intrigue, as well as healthcare and service. With the crush of health expense in the USA and extreme divisions on how to make it work, part of the message is that one heavily armed man injured over 500 people and killed dozens.

Not only did his shooting spree cost lives, PTSD, dignity and freedom, but it is a tremendous tax on the health system.

Neptune also symbolizes music — how we communicate through non-verbal ways. With Neptune at the root of the USA horoscope, it has the potential to dissolve all the boundaries of “us vs. them”.

The disparity of one shooter high above a crowd of thousands of people united in their love of country music creates a stark portrait of America.

That’s not freedom. That’s commercial tyranny.

Is this a message that we can hear, decipher and learn from as a nation?





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