The last two eclipses of 2021 are part of series that took place in 2002. You might reflect on what was going on for you at that time. The eclipses fall in the same place in your horoscope as they did then. If an eclipse is on a personal point of your horoscope, something happens, a revelation, event, turn in the road.

In spite of their dynamic energy, it’s best not to start anything new or make a major announcement on an eclipse. Yet you may have the sense of time speeding up… and whatever message is presented to you – whether outright or in symbolic form, cannot be disputed. A light schedule is advised on the eclipse… and if it’s near or on your birthday, this is a big year.

These eclipse series have a big impact on the chart of the USA. At this time in 2002, the Bush administration considered all angles against Iraq, purported WMD and its connection with Saddam Hussein. Decisions made around these eclipses and their aftermath led to the Iraq invasion… why? The November 19 Lunar Eclipse / Taurus Full Moon occurs at 27°14″. Since the US’ Pluto is at 27° Capricorn, the eclipse creates a trine. Trines are considered harmonious/ helpful positions, and with the Taurus Moon flash in the 6th house, the administration emphasized swaying the people to want war.

In 2021, the Biden administration wants to sway the people to support their programs.

As the USA is on the threshold of its Pluto Return, the Sabian Symbol for this degree of Taurus is “A Woman, Past Her ‘Change Of Life’, Experiences A New Love”. This suggests a new orientation to where we put our passion. The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the USA Pluto is “A Large Aviary”. When the Declaration of Independence was created, Pluto had not been discovered. When Pluto was discovered in 1930, astrologers realized it was in the 2nd house of the July 4 horoscope.

Pluto signifies many things, including wealth and power. In the sign of Capricorn, the USA became the authority; it created a Big Shadow. It developed the bomb that would end WWII. Also because of that war, it has devoted itself to maintain the largest military on the planet. For the USA, “A Large Aviary” has been airplanes, drones, NASA and WMD.

But perhaps, as we lean towards the country’s Pluto Return, we can reshape “A Woman, Past Her ‘Change Of Life’, Experiences A New Love”. We can vision the nation embracing maturity and compassion. With awareness of Climate Change, a bloated military dependent on fossil fuels really needs to rethink their purpose. Pluto is about survival, and without profound change, it won’t be possible.

With Jupiter Saturn cycle in Air, the “Large Aviary” could take on the symbolism of flights of imagination, inspiration and concepts… it is possible! Pay attention to the news in this cycle to see what messages are seeding the thoughts of the people.

The Taurus Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse will last over 6 hours and can be seen in most of North America…. that’s a looonngg time for an eclipse! Not since 1440 has a partial lunar eclipse lasted that long. Be forewarned, you may not want to be awake when it’s exact at 3:57 AM ET… but predawn may still have some effects.  More information at EarthSky

Since the Total Eclipse in December can seen in Antartica, the odds are most of my readers won’t see that one live — I certainly won’t. However, many of us will be aware of what it signifies here on Earth. The December 4 Solar Eclipse/ New Moon is at 12°22″ at 2:43 AM ET.

The Ascendant of the USA is 12° Sagittarius, which does trigger action. Since Jupiter (the planet connected to Sagittarius) is in the 7th house, this engages US allies and open enemies.

The Sabian Symbol is “A Widow’s Past Is Brought To Light”. In 2002 and the aftershock of this eclipse brought home how personal the Iraq War was to President W. Bush and others in that administration.

It is likely that past attachments of the present administration will also be revealed. Without supposing what that revelation may be, it is beneficial to think and imagine in constructive terms.

Because the December 4, 2021 eclipse has a different configuration of the other planets in the sky than it did in 2002, we can envision many positive outcomes. Whether we look at the chart of the USA or your own personal horoscope, auspicious opportunities are available. Let’s put exuberant expectations into the vision that people do the right thing…. and it starts with each one of us.