Learn Astrology thru 1:1 Mentoring

Pamela offers Astrology thru 1:1 Mentoring — this is intense and requires a conversation to see if the student is committed to the work beforehand.

Here is the format:
Class bi-monthly — Class would be about an hour or so.
If required, the first few classes would be foundational – going over the bones of astrology, planets, signs, geometric relationships.
Full disclosure! I am not someone who can teach you the math of chart calculations –
I can however, give you visual clues as to the veracity of a chart, so that you always know if it has been calculated correctly

Once you feel set in the foundation, each class we work with a couple or more charts – Of course, I will send you the horoscopes and visuals so you can go over them. In time you will want to invest in astrology software.

We’d look at a current event or person in the news, celebrity or historic horoscope and then your personal horoscope or a person in your life. I believe that everything is pictured in the horoscope and the better we get at looking at them to understand what is there, the richer the interpretations. The work is organic, for instance we might explore Neptune through different charts – once you have the foundation, we talk about where you want/need to go to delve deeper.

You can email me when questions come up during our work together.

To teach and share privately is an investment for both the teacher and student…. I welcome the committed student.

Time Commitment