Fishing- Singer Sargent

Fishing- Singer Sargent

Forecast 6/5

The quarter moon encourages a reevaluation of whatever may have been started last week at the New Moon.

If you’ve not yet launched, now is a good time. Make a concrete move towards your goal, or if it’s shifted, make a conscious note of in what way. Some recognition of the intention is definitely required.

A gathering power may feel at hand, like the rumble of an idling engine. You can pump the fuel content or decide to cut the power source, but make the choice yours as opposed to an outside influence.

Flow is at its best when one is purposefully moving. You might change your course, but you want to do it with eyes open for the strongest results. If you have no set agenda, take on tasks you can easily complete.

The satisfaction of accomplishment supports an overall well-being and frees the mind. Suddenly, the far-fetched vision seems more obtainable. Learn something new, no matter how mundane.
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