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The Leo New Moon occurs at 10:53 AM ET on August 14. There are deep wounds within many because of the loss of Zimbabwe’s “iconic” lion, Cecil.

Those who don’t understand hunting are shocked, outraged and/or mournful. Those who do love to hunt are chagrined by the carelessness that led to this shameful notoriety.

Cecil was killed when the Cancer Sun was in line with Mars (symbolizing ego plus desire and aggression). The first arrow stuck under a Full Moon in Capricorn with Pluto most likely in line with the Moon. Pluto symbolizes death and transformation.

Obviously, many things went on at this time other than a manipulated hunt for a lion. Yet with such powerful symbolic pictures in the sky, the dentist Walter Palmer did not just bring down another trophy for his collection, but the whole wrath of the internet and media. By the time the world learned the “how” of Cecil’s death, we had entered the sign of Leo the Lion.

So many topics stem from this magnificent animal’s death: privilege, economy, poverty, power, opportunism and values. A rare animal was baited and stolen for one man’s pleasure and ego-satisfaction. Just because someone has the means and freedom to engage in this activity, does that justify its act?

To stay in the symbolic realm, the Lion has been sacrificed to bring attention to injustice. This is an archetypal story, which is why it has hit like lightning. The sacrificial lion conjures the Tales of Narnia, which are crafted from the Christ story. Regardless of religious affiliation, the power of the Lion felled hits us in our hearts. The heart is a part of the body associated with Leo.

The Lion is a symbol of courage, generosity and regal self-expression. What belief is it time for you to champion with courage? This comes from your heart; what injustice or creative or personal goal needs your roar?

It takes courage to stand up for a belief. What belief is it time for you to stand up for?

Any New Moon offers the potential of support in New Beginnings and Fresh Starts. In the sign of Leo, this encourages all endeavors in the realm of creative expression and output, play, romantic interludes, as well as gambles and risks that stimulate the Life Force. Although the ideal with the latter is that you are not throwing everything into the ring, sometimes a person simply feels s/he must take that dive. If that’s how your state of mind, it might be best to let the impulse gestate for a few days to go over all potential outcomes.

The Leo New Moon reminds us that every child is Divine. If your inner child didn’t have the encouragement or protection s/he deserved, now is a time to coax and cherish. If you want to pick up a thread of a dream left unfinished or abandoned, give yourself the courage to let it shine.
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