Leo New Moon 2017 and Astrology Forecast

My Aries’ mom vented on the phone at me tonight about the iPad she purchased last month. She’s wanted to return it, but she has no receipt. Apple sent it to her email and she can’t figure out how to print it.

This is a good thing, because my mother should not be driving by herself to the city to return her iPad.

If you know anyone with strong Aries energy, you can appreciate that I was glad she was on the phone and not sitting in front of me. A thwarted Aries is not a happy Aries.

At 89 years old, she’s not retaining the iPad lessons I give her. Admittedly, I’m usually doing more than one thing when I visit. The iPad does not get the time she needs with it.

She wants a manual that she can pour over at her leisure. Of course, the one Apple supplies is on-line. For someone her age, it might as well be on the moon.

So I finally realized that she can’t be the only senior out there with this problem.

In fairness to my mom, some resources just are better in hard copy. I would not want to have learned astrology with only the computer as reference. It’s a comfort and inspiration to look up from my monitor and see rows of books overhead. I can pluck one down and take it to the pool tomorrow without worrying that it’s charged.

The Leo New Moon is a reminder — are you having fun? If you have a creative project, romance or gamble ahead of you, is joy a part of it?

After some quick research, I’ve sent my mom a book for Seniors on iPads (you can bet that I did not choose the “for Dummies” volume for her— she’s got no sense of humor about this right now).

Yesterday’s New Moon encourages you to think about creative play over the next week; it’s a wonderful period for fresh exuberance in an ongoing project.

Open up to romance and fun. In the days after this New Moon, plan how to invite spontaneity. Implement strategies for goals. There may be some bumps or surprises this week, depending on your personal horoscope; I go in-depth on the week’s video.

Even a long-term relationship benefits from dance lessons, time away or different perspective. My hope is that the manual I’ve sent my mom will allow her to enjoy the iPad, and with luck restore her sense of humor!

Listen to my forecast for the week and Suzy’s energetic activation to provide some insight. If you’d prefer to get the audio of just the forecast and meditation, go to StokeTheFire.guru to sign up.

The link to the video of my weekly forecast