So much to write about!

Let’s start with the Leo New Moon 2020. New Moons offer a fresh start, clean slate, new outlook – especially when we are willing to approach it this way. The moon goes through its phases over a span of 28-29 days and then presents a reset when it cycles once again.

Before the moon is new, we are in the Dark of Moon.

Hecate is an ancient powerful goddess and archetype — but when patriarchal conquests triumphed, they reshaped the gods/goddesses to better suit their message. Hecate became the old crone, capricious, ugly and vengeful. Their intent was to dilute her power and the power of women and the feminine.

To go back to the root, we discover that Hecate represents is the infinite realm that is the portal of transformation. She stands legs-wide and arms akimbo to the sky; the gateway between Heaven and Earth. Hecate stretches beyond linear time, the spiritual midwife of birth and death and everything in between. At this juncture of the waning moon soon to segue into waxing, she invites potential while closing doorways.

What passage are you ready to move into and from? Something must go to embrace the new. When we do this with conscious awareness, a lot can happen. Finish up, purge and/or reflect. Get quality sleep as old cells slough away and new bloom. You may be surprised at what presents itself; messages, dreams, upsets and/or inspiration erupt. Keep your balance and creative curiosity.

It can be helpful to write down 1-3 things you’d like to accomplish this lunar cycle. You can make a longer list of wishes and intentions, but to hone the power of the New Moon intention, it’s best to focus on priorities. Don’t put these into action until AFTER the New Moon is exact for maximum efficiency. Choose one thing you need to do and get out of the way. Once you accomplish this, it boosts your confidence.

It’s also nice to write down something that may be a work in progress or just the germ of an idea. You give attention to it like a new planted seed. Over the lunar cycle, you may work on it or let it sit in the rich soil of your imagination… it depends how big an intention it is. Your New Moon intentions can be on anything, although they get extra juice when they are related to the energy of the sign.

In the sign of Leo, the emphasis is on creativity. This is a big topic. Creativity jazzes artists of all disciplines. For many people, it can awaken the desire to remodel a room, work in a garden or play with recipes. Play ignites essential creativity so if play has limited time in your life, how to initiate play may be part of this.

Children is another theme. For some parents this can be a new phase in what’s happening with their children. It could be about considering parenthood. Or perhaps you need to reorient yourself with your childhood story. There may be a beloved story from your past that takes on new meaning today.

Romance and risks are also part of Leo’s realm. I’m not one to endorse gambling, and yet that’s exactly what we do when we stick our neck out to love. Artists take risks when they perform or show their work. A parent takes a risk to have a child; there are no guarantees. This is why the Heart and Courage are attributed to Leo, because it takes courage to love.

So what do you love enough to take a risk for at this New Moon? Or perhaps the risk is to invite love? Just remember to keep playfulness engaged. And to wear your mask and social distance when appropriate.

The Leo New Moon is exact at 10:42 PM ET on August 18, 2020. This is a well-aspected new moon, which means that endeavors and commitments that take root have excellent outcomes. Take this opportunity for creative refreshment and take initiative over the next couple of days

There is a strong action momentum with this New Moon for a message to be delivered. Since the US Democratic Convention takes place over the New Moon energy, it supports the broadcast and impact of their message.

With this time set for the USA, the New Moon falls in the 5th house. The 5th house for a country symbolizes entertainment, gambling, children and speculative finances through the Stock Market). I’m not a financial wizard, but it’s important to remember that the US Federal Government injected $1.5 Trillion to lifeline the crashing markets in March 2020.

As to what the New Moon means to the USA, look to President Trump’s horoscope. With the Leo New Moon conjunct his natal Mars and Ascendant, he may feel a renewed rush of enthusiasm to express himself. With Mars Rising in Leo, his persona projects: “look at what I’m doing!”  This is an opportunity for him to evaluate and plan what he’d like to put out there because it will have an impact.

During this Dark of Moon period, he can strategically determine what he needs to put to rest in order to actualize his message. Mars does go retrograde before the next lunar cycle, so he would do well to temper his impulses and use this time for self-reflection. Yet this is unlikely due to his personality.

I use his chart as an example off how one could work with the lunar cycle but also, in the case of the leader of a country — his intentions affect the country.

Use this Leo New Moon to ignite your creative spark with full knowledge that where you put the fire of desire can expand a message.

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