lionsLEO NEW MOON: AUGUST 2, 2016

The juice of this particular New Moon has spice, fire and momentum.

Mars re-enters Sagittarius after its lengthy retrograde and retrace in Scorpio. There is an “out of the gate” exuberance with this New Moon as it gallops towards the mid-month eclipse.

Classic Leo Moon themes encompass romance, creativity, risks, play, children and fertility.

The Leo New Moon is exact at 4:44 PM ET; the degree is 10° Leo 58”. Tap into lunar power and focus on your New Moon wishes and goals today. For more about how to make the most of any New Moon… 

Seldom do I see a New Moon so well-poised for success. Construct your conscious intentions with care today and the outcome looks very positive. Court allies with integrity who do what they say.

When you match partners of equal strength (and different skills) the possibilities bear fruit. Social gatherings, performance and appeals garner productive results. Even though August is traditionally a quiet work week, a lot can be accomplished in the next few days and beyond.

girls-on-swingThe Sabian Symbol for the degree of this New Moon is “Children Play On a Swing Hanging from the Branches of a Huge Oak Tree”. The sign of Leo is that of the Divine Child; every child’s birth is a promise. Although we know that too many babies and youth are not given the support they need to rise to their potential, this image celebrates that joyful promise.

Leo energy encourages you to swing to the heights of your creativity. If you don’t feel particularly creative, what gives you a sense of play? Too often we are swept into a busy life, filled with errands, appointments and expectations.

You might need a reminder to play and relax. The beauty of this symbol is it shows “children” (companions) on a “swing” (they are lifted with potential for momentum). The “huge oak” supports them, providing safety and stability. It is a reminder that when you are connected to your natural self, you trust your intrinsic value to the Whole organism of Earth.

With this alignment, you can soar. However, if you take a leap and don’t feel grounded, the initial thrust lacks the necessary support.

With this New Moon, keep the image of the happy children on the swing in your head. Find your tree, whether a physical support system or a totem in nature. Know that you have an anchor before you set sail.

Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit

When Phillipe Petit walked the high wire between the Twin Towers, he trusted his years of dogged training and the team who helped him plant the wire. A Leo with an Aries Moon, this iconic feat captured Petit’s desire to play, coupled with the thrill of his singular accomplishment.

Your New Moon intention may require time to perfect. Allow desire to dovetail with the belief that you can find the support you need, and you can swing as high as you dare.

The ritual of an abundance check can help to channel that desire to “do something now” at the New Moon- For abundance check information…