Thursday 5/7 Oh my good, goodness… you want to be extra patient with yourself this morning…. and with your spouse, kid, driver in the car in front of you, cashier, bank teller, etc….

It may seem that everyone, including yourself, has taken momentary drifts into la-la-land. The moon is VOC in the am, which always is a good time to clear your desk, closet or go for a long meditation. But Mercury has gone retrograde as of 6:01 am ET and this coupled with the VOC suggests a period of crossed signals and missed synapses.

You can mitigate the effects by not scheduling too many activities. Take your time, write things down and enjoy the pleasures of a cup of tea, conversation with a friend and a sprig of spring flowers.

After 12:48 pm ET the moon enters Scorpio. You may notice a shift in the agenda as people look at watches and focus increases. Conversations may be probing with a need for research and deep connection.