IMG_2624Forecast 10/1

The Capricorn Moon comes in at 12:41 a.m. ET, setting up a perfect day for any work application.

Admittedly, one may feel a bit under the gun or the work ether may be crushing; it all depends on how comfortable you are with where you’re at in present production. If all the systems and players are in place, this can lead to real satisfaction.

However, conflict arises if someone feels their ability to shine is thwarted due to restrictions or demands. This can be a tremendous adjustment or an inability to come to terms, but whatever the results, it can lead to smoother and more realistic results going forward.

Anything with staying power is not for amateurs. Revaluate where you are, see if it makes sense to continue or if changes need to happen and if it’s the latter, invite them in.

Tonight requires depth in conversation; if you’re not feeling the desire to connect with certain people, then reschedule your evening. Excellent for research in business and finance. No one wants to take any risks, so integrity rules.

Humor can be seriously funny.

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