Forecast 10/1 Don’t expect to be understood in the early morning and you won’t be disappointed.

Although tenacity can be a virtue, stubbornness is not. The more “me” oriented the conversation, the less likely to gather cooperation.

Harmony increases as the day goes on, although ultimately chill winds put a damper on plans in the early evening.

The Moon is VOC* at 6:32 pm to 7:26 pm ET. Look for the high road and optimism returns; a good dinner thoughtfully consumed can reinstate a sense of equilibrium. Enjoy a film, meditation and/or romantic interlude to put the cap on the evening.

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Aries, do some movement- either exercise, walk or drive… because the desire to move forward can be thwarted by the VOC. If you’re going somewhere new make sure you have clear directions and a map because fast movement can miss turns.