The moon is VOC* from 3:05 am to 12:10 pm ET.

This is a morning to putter at home and do things that relax and restore you. Take time with breakfast/brunch.

Once the moon enters Leo, the mood shifts to “lights, party, action!” which can be all out or only some depending on your temperment. Regardless, this is a high-octane weekend from midday on, when you can accomplish a lot in the areas of business or pleasure; decide your focus.

If you are working, it’s more productive when you add an entertainment or creative spin. If you have an invitation to a party, go- if you don’t, consider having one yourself. Impromptu is better than nothing.

Any ruffles in conversations can be worked out and overall, a lovely and productive time can be had by all. *Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Cancer, be by the water, time with family or sifting through memorabilia. Lovely time to enjoy a picnic or meal with no time constraints.

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