IMG_3645 - Version 2Forecast 7/19

A Mercury/Neptune picture promises magical dreams which may evaporate on waking. Creative types may explode with inspiration so keep something close to record the moment.

If you’re out driving in the wee hours, stay alert. Hot tempers lead to bad decisions both on and off the road.

The Moon enters Taurus at 4:43 a.m. ET. After the past couple of days emotional heat-wave, this weekend may be a cool tonic.

Too many choices may lead to simply turning over in bed for more rest. If you don’t have to rush out, a leisure morning with full appreciation of breakfast satisfies the tummy and the soul.

Savor all sensations today: touch, taste, smell, sight and what you hear. Welcome in the beauty around you and it pours in from unexpected places. Music, poetry or theater makes for a terrific summer evening, unless you simply want to enjoy a beach or other lovely site.

Productivity is highly rewarding if you’ve a task or project. You are able to take the time required to deliver a very fine result.

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