macawForecast 11/8

The Gemini Moon invites neighborhood activities and childlike curiosity.

Parrot back any morning agreements because interpretation may be skewed. You hear one thing, s/he hears another. You want to get the true gist of what is shared. Haste definitely makes waste or missed turns.

Intentions may be misunderstood. Assume nothing in important communications (nor assume a communication is unimportant!)

Mercury enters its stint in Scorpio, bringing an increase in conversations that kick below the surface. It can also increase sarcasm and barbs cloaked in humor.

Since words can hurt in spite of the old rhyme, if this is a minefield you’d like to avoid, think before you speak or be prepared to deflect any hits whether directed to you or another.

The positive in this position of Mercury is a willingness to broach difficult subjects and unearth old grievances or toxins.

This is an animated evening for comedy, wit and flights of fancy. You may meet or converse with a rainmaker. Invite possibilities.

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