hammockLost Notes

There are days for dynamic social networking and effective blogging; this may not be one of them.

In spite of the wealth of information we have at our fingertips, we need time to noodle thoughts around to stir knowledge. The ability to process information has become even more critical since the rise of fake news. Be mindful of the ease of a click as it compromises your brain’s ability to digest and research.

Have you ever clicked on a spam email or fallen prey to a virus because you were tired, distracted or multi-tasking?

Our electronic devices seduce us into a comfort unlike snail mail quickly tossed as junk. Just because a Facebook post comes from a “friend” why is it less subject to scrutiny than the guy who tries to sell you a Prada bag on the street?

Why do our brains stop editing suspect information from a smartphone, when we’d walk right by an ad in a store for a product we recognize as hyped?

We can’t even see all the subliminal messages attacking us on our screens.

Give yourself a break from electronics today. If you can’t do 24 hours, at least limit your time. Clock it and turn it off. If your job requires screen time or continual texts, stay on the digital road.

Don’t open a gazillion windows and zig zag from task to distraction. No wisdom comes from information saturation today. No new brilliant connection or concept is going to stick. You can move very ably on one track if you stay focused.

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