autumnForecast 9/20

Another Leo Moon day encourages play, but not without attending to whatever responsibility demands your attention midday. This might even be a work commitment or meeting that enables you to get a message across.

It is well worth your time, so get the task done and then enjoy yourself.

This is a fine day for a party or celebration; music, theater and exuberant expression are all welcome. If there is someone with whom you want to make a connection, this is a good afternoon/evening to reach out.

Love takes tremendous courage, although we don’t necessarily focus on that when it is easy, intoxicating and fun. To truly communicate takes attention. Yet when one feels the love, the desire to pay attention and take the time necessary increases.

If possible, surround yourself with people you love, especially the young and laughing. If this is not possible, pop in a film or listen to some music that delights.

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