Forecast 10/8

Dawn has the Aries Full Moon at 6:51 a.m. ET, which is also a Lunar Eclipse. The NASA link to find where in the world you might see this “Blood Moon” which has a reddish color.

The last time I saw a Blood Moon was in Florida, which made it very easy to sit in a deck chair and enjoy the view. Here in the northeast, a raw rainy pre-dawn may dissuade observation, but the eclipse mirrors action here on Earth, whether we can see the phenomena or not.

This is a powerful Lunar Eclipse and highly unpredictable because of the proximity of the planet Uranus in the horoscope.

lightningUranus is known as the Great Awakener, which is not always welcome, depending on the area of life it touches. It is very likely that something erupts in world news. If you missed my prior post about this eclipse, you can read more here…

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