lunareclipseForecast 10/8

Dawn has the Aries Full Moon at 6:51 a.m. ET, which is also a Lunar Eclipse. The NASA link to find where in the world you might see this “Blood Moon” which has a reddish color.

This is also a powerful Lunar Eclipse and highly unpredictable because of the proximity of the planet Uranus in the horoscope. Uranus is known as the Great Awakener, which is not always welcome, depending on the area of life it touches. It is very likely that something erupts in world news.

If you have Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn strong in your horoscope, this can be particularly intense for you. Everyone has these signs somewhere in their natal chart, and when you know where the eclipse triggers, it can prepare you for how it may pan out when it hits.

The eclipse ebbs with a lovely connection to Jupiter; this demonstrates that regardless of the force of the message, it is for the greater good. The moon is void-of-course/voc* at 10:20 a.m. ET

©Molly Brett

©Molly Brett

The Aries Moon Sabian Symbol** is “Brightly clad brownies dancing in the warm dying light”. Some interpretations call the “brownies” by a modern “nature spirits”. Nonetheless, the symbol reminds us that a more eternal entity is unfazed by the turn of a season, the end of a day and the end of a life. Brownies, elves or nature spirits or mythical creatures that outlive a human’s span on this earth. They depict an impish wisdom that turns a playful eye in the face of death, knowing that only from decay can a fresh outlook be born.

Here in the northeast, our deciduous trees remind us of this every year as their splendid colors lift a tired heart with a pageant that tourists time to see. In the position of the Moon, the symbol reminds us to find the color in your emotional body and intensify its vibration. If you’re in a place void of color because of sadness, worry or pain, look outside yourself for the spark of life that is there, if only you stretch to see it. If you’re in a really dark place, reach out to a friend or even a hotline or online group- getting help is mandatory.

The Eclipse has a beautiful kite configuration, which indicates a strong impetus for an idea to take flight. There is also an engine of power behind the sail, so something may really catapult today. Do not leave any big wish to default; be clear on your intentions and act with Love.

1938-hurricane-winthropThe Libra Sun Sabian Symbol** states “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction”. This is a troubling symbol to appear in the season of hurricanes. In conjunction with the Moon’s symbol, it is a reminder of the need to reach for lightness in the face of loss.

Remember the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, regardless of your faith, the teaching is universal:
There is Suffering. Suffering has an origin. Suffering can cease. There is a path out of Suffering.

The boat landing may need to be reconstructed and perhaps you decide that the landing no longer is needed in that position. When we are left with ruin or a loss it is time to look at what can be salvaged, rebuilt or discarded. It is absolutely essential to look to the light and the dance of colors wherever you see it, to lighten your heart, lift your spirit and allow the puzzle pieces to fall into place.

After the Eclipse the moon is void-of-course for the rest of the day- but two sky pictures light the heavens. One is an intense configuration between Venus and Pluto; look for magnificent obsessions rather than compulsive power play. This is especially acute in the early afternoon.

Then by late afternoon a Mars/Jupiter picture brings extra punch to any project in motion. Lastly, both Aries and Scorpio are the signs connected to the planet Mars. Mars was the god of war, desire and action. Since the solar eclipse on October 23 is Scorpio, this coupling of eclipses creates a couple of weeks when your inner engine can become very stoked for your driving purpose. The red color that this eclipse has heightens the symbolism of its Martian theme. The last time this eclipse coupling occurred was autumn 1995. What drives you this fall?

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course… in Aries, do some movement- either exercise or walk… because frustration may be high. The desire to move forward is thwarted by the VOC. People can’t agree because everyone has a singular point-of-view and inability to compromise. If you’re going somewhere new make sure you have clear directions and a map because fast movement can miss turns. More about the Moon VOC.