lunareclipseLunar Eclipse Astrology AUGUST 18, 2016

It may be difficult to sleep in this morning; you may have had a restless night and/or dawn breaks and the day beckons.

The culprit for this buzz is today’s Lunar Eclipse which is also the Aquarius Full Moon.

Eclipses usually come in pairs and travel in cycles of 18 years. This particular eclipse has a maverick quality; it is the only eclipse in August (there are two in September) and its Aquarius quality increases the odds of surprise that an eclipse can generate.

It occurs at 5:26 AM ET after which the moon goes void-of -course/VOC*.

highway-rainbowThe Sabian Symbol  for this Leo Sun at 25° Leo 52” is “After The Heavy Storm, A Rainbow”. I can’t be alone in wanting a rainbow after a deluge of political rhetoric this campaign season, but it might be too soon for that.

So the rainbow may not be all-encompassing, but it can soothe and uplift. The Leo Sun brings the light of the Divine Child, the piece in each of us that wants to play and express a creative spirit.

If you’ve been hit with responsibilities or troubles that seem overwhelming, look to the sky. Since ancient times, the wide horizon has symbolized promise, redemption and change. The ruling gods in mythology came from the sky.

Although there may not be a physical rainbow in your forecast today, this symbol is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. The storm ends and the rainbow slips into the ether. Both have lessons to teach us, but you are more likely to reflect on that in observance of a rainbow than when coping with a storm.

john-atkinson-grimshaw_iris-the-rainbow-goddess_1836-1893In Greek mythology, the appearance of a rainbow meant the goddess Iris delivered a message from the heavens, to the earth and to the Underworld.

The rainbow symbolizes all the dimensions that a message can carry, however flippant, profound or direct.

We receive a message with our logical mind, emotion and soul. How conscious we are of this depends on the message and our receptivity. Throughout your day you are barraged with messages.

If you are anywhere near media or your cellphone, you filter through news, chatter, music and advertisements. Visual marketing messages abound in stores and signage. Friends and co-workers share information, offer advice and demands; sometimes you may receive a message and it gets caught and not processed in a productive way.

rainbows-couds-skyThe rainbow reminds us that nothing is as one-dimensional as it may seem. Sometimes we need to use a whole spectrum of understanding to process what appears on the surface to be a simple message. I

ris is often depicted with a pitcher that she pours. Water symbolizes the emotional realm which can help determine how a message is offered and received.

Regardless of the initial emotional charge, you can flow through the emotions when you allow them their power. The rainbow reminds us that only by weathering the storm do we get to a full spectrum of understanding and the ability to bridge.

If you have a message you’d like to give or receive, you might put a picture of a rainbow somewhere you can see it. There are other ways to communicate than in words alone.

Sometimes, when you use a visual catalyst (in this case a rainbow), you may find that the message comes available in a way that you could not have planned. Since it is the Leo Sun that brightens the Moon, allow hope to enter whatever outer or inner dialog is on today’s table.

mechanicThe Moon at 25° Aquarius 52” has this Sabian Symbol: “A Garage Man Testing A Car’s Battery With A Hydrometer”. This is one of the many Sabian Symbols that points to the veracity of the channel Elsie Wheeler. Its synchronicity for a degree in Aquarius, is amazing since she simply said it to correlate to the blank card that was presented to her.

Aquarius is a sign connected to science, electricity and experimentation, so the image resonates with then act of coming to a logical conclusion based on data. This symbol supports that of the Leo Sun in that it asks for perspective when processing emotion. A hydrometer is a gauge that operates through water; a more scientific adaptation of Iris’ pitcher.

Hydrometer _ testerThe hydrometer determines how much energy the battery has.

In order to bridge your ability to shine bright with this full moon, it is essential to understand the feelings behind action. This means your own as well as any players in your theater of intention.

Full Moons encourage integration, so through the reciprocity of emotional and intellectual conversation, you come to balance— even if temporary. Eclipses tend to light up an idea, inspiration or deliver a message.

This particular Lunar Eclipse has added surprise potential because of Uranian influence. World events may erupt or reveal; so too in your personal life. Look at the houses in your horoscope where the eclipse falls for insight as to what area of life this lights. If you have any points in your horoscope that are near 26° Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio, this eclipse may be quite personal.

With the void moon* most of the morning, you may feel a strong urge to do— the eclipse generates a buzz that is best processed over time. The greater benefits come from work on projects already in motion and clearing your desk.

The Moon enters Pisces at 12:34 PM ET, which may feel like a relieving salve or dampen enthusiasm, depending on your nature.

New options bubble up, which can invigorate the conversation. Too many paths may go nowhere and instead of throwing your hat into a specific ring, enjoy an evening under the gorgeous moon. Listen to music, dance, escape into a film and/or find a vista with water.

The potentials are infinite but this is a moment to celebrate and love. If you have trouble knowing how, be in nature, close off the confusion for a little while and listen to the sounds with all your heart.

*Moon VOC/Void-of- Course:… in Aquarius you are apt to get caught up in a discussion or a cause which has no resolution. This is an excellent time to visit with friends or bounce around ideas, for pure recreation. If you find that communication is thin, it may be time to reconsider the relationship. More about the Moon VOC