11/1/2010 The day after Halloween has a sacred energy for many. It is a continuation of Samhein for people who practice Celtic traditions or Wicca. The time marks the end of harvest and the burrowing within towards the dark of winter. It is All Saints Day to many Christians, and the period of the Day of the Dead for many Latin Americans, which bleeds into 11/2. North Americans are familiar with these traditions, but may be less aware of the ancestor appreciation that goes on across the globe as well in Hungary.

The practice of candle-lighting and picnicking on graves may seem strange to those from other traditions, but its essence is about honoring those you’ve lost and bringing them (if only for a brief time) into the party of life.

Most of us can benefit from spending some time today in quiet remembrance of a loved one passed. Or perhaps sharing stories over dinner. Or if you’re lucky enough, a full-blown celebration of someone or those whose lives you are better for knowing (even if only through stories that keep them alive).

It's a Wonderful Life

The moon is in Virgo which encourages ritual activity and clearing. There is great potential for meeting minds today, although a connection may just as suddenly be lost. Be sure to grasp the pieces of the conversation you need, in case it is fleeting.