IMG_3778Forecast 7/24

The Cancer Moon suggests a longing for home and family life; this may mean a desire to nest or a return to a nostalgic retreat. Time by the water may be very restorative.

A Venus/Neptune picture stimulates creative and romantic urges. Take in the simple pleasures around you, like the light on the windowpane or a bird song. Have a meal with a loved one and eat something comforting and delicious.

When you allow yourself to sink into it, a great sensation of Love is available to you. This is of course, always true, but today we can experience this in a most tactile and gratifying way. If you can take a break to see art, a movie or hear some music, it feeds you.

A Sun/Jupiter picture in the late afternoon makes this a fabulously lucky day. You might want to do something to take advantage of this, but keep the outreach reasonable (especially if it involves gambling- not everyone wins!)

Many astrologers consider this the luckiest day of the year- but keep in mind, Jupiter can also magnify whatever is going on. You want your vibratory energy to be as positive as possible. If someone is spewing out anger, sorrow or negativity, either help them to move through it quickly or give them a wide berth.

A Mercury/Uranus picture in the evening may indicate unexpected conversations, and/or erratic driving so be careful out there! Later in the evening a Mercury/Saturn picture shows a more sober orientation to what is expressed and this can be grounding after the earlier excitement.

It also suggests that some inspired thoughts lead to concrete execution, a most auspicious sign. Yet there are suggestions of some power struggles or mind games; you don’t have to step into it, but you do benefit from an awareness.