yellow brickForecast 12/4 The moon enters Capricorn at 1:49 a.m. ET, which changes the mood from yesterday’s explosive quality to a fine-tuned laser focus.

Creating strong imagery in the morning serves to actualize concrete delivery; the clearer the picture, the more likely the expected outcome. Activities today may be centered on achievements, business connections and follow-through.

Be alert in the afternoon when sudden upsets or occurrences may distract or turn events. You can stay on track, but be certain that you’re not letting an opportunity go.  Sometimes an our-of-the-blue distraction is just that, but it may be a tangent well worth the journey.

Anything you may need to integrate into the mix can bring exciting results; you simply may have to ramp up the juice a bit more. Meetings with powerful figures or conversations about money are well poised for strong results this evening.

Be willing to encounter some doubt, but don’t let it be the strongest part of you. Mercury jets into Sagittarius in the evening, beginning a cycle when some people are apt to blurt out whatever enters their mind without thinking of the consequences. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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