I don’t see Obama giving up his Blackberry, although I can see the conflict with Saturn heading to his Mars in Virgo. He will definitely have a more disciplined relationship with it (it’s a 7th house “relationship” Mars), but I honestly don’t think his Gemini Moon can disengage.

It seems more likely he will adapt by limiting (Saturn) what he texts and to whom. He will also probably develop codes (7th Pluto) to shorthand his intimates, something he may already do.

Bottom-line is his free-wheeling Gemini Moon trine Jupiter, sextile Mercury shows he thrives on information. Far from being scattered by it, he rakes through it with the alacrity of a computer. He then “downloads” the information through physical activity like basketball (Mars in Virgo trine Saturn) which helps him ground.

I don’t see the Blackberry going, nor the laptop. I simply see an integration of the technological age into the walls of secrecy and power through judicious planning. If Obama can remember his wailing wall prayer, showing an awareness of the dangers of “pride and despair”, he is well poised to avoid the pitfalls of haste in an electronic age. However, can he discipline everyone who has his number to behave with the same discretion? With Uranus in his 7th house, that remains to be seen.