IMG_3127March Action: 

Action may not be the right word for the beginning of March; rather lots of backstage and under the radar movements. Mercury has gone direct, but Mars and Jupiter go retrograde the first weekend. Picture pendulums as they begin their turn in the other direction. They appear to stop. There may therefore, be a frozen quality to the opening days of this month, but do not be deceived. Underneath the surface a great deal is happening.

Mars goes retrograde from March 1 through May 19. Mars is the planet named after the god of war. It would be wonderful if war were to retreat from its prevalence in the news, but unfortunately, that doesn’t historically happen with Mars retrograde.  In astrology, Mars symbolizes many things other than war and when retrograde, it offers a time to reevaluate strategy, so hopefully our leaders take note. The energy of Mars is more dimensional than simply having an impulse to attack and create strife. Mars signifies passion, anger and desire. It indicates how one asserts him/herself.

People with Aries or Scorpio prevalent in their horoscope or born with a strongly placed Mars (like Mars rising), tend to become more measured with the expression of anger at this time. Others may feel a great deal of frustration or pent up desires; martial arts are highly recommended.

From a business perspective, when Mars is retrograde, people are less likely to feel a motivation to act, yet they may be open to study research. Lethargy may start in the period leading up to its retrograde on March 1. Romances begun at this time tend to lose traction. If they make it through the whole retrograde period, when Mars goes direct the appeal may wane. This is a very long stint for Mars to be in the sign of Libra, which is because of the retrograde cycle. Since Libra is a sign which emulates the planet Venus (goddess of love) it emphasizes the focus of relationships during this Mars transit.

underhoodHow do we take advantage of the Mars retrograde? We certainly don’t want to put our businesses on hold through mid-May. Work on projects already in motion. This is an excellent time to revitalize the passion in both business AND romantic relationships. Sometimes no matter how much we love what we do, something gets stale. It may be time to reengage with someone who stimulates another part of the business that has been dormant, or that you’ve put on the shelf. If things seem to slow down, then you have the opportunity to “get under the hood” of your business and see what it needs for maximum performance.


The one thing that is essential to keep in mind with the Mars retrograde is that it is best to avoid being the initiator in a situation. That’s why it works best when we stay with what’s already in process, or go back to an overture already made. If you’re in sales, you can show product but let the potential buyer initiate discussion; ask questions that invite disclosure. If you drive a lot, baby your car and well-worn destinations glean more fruit than new horizons. If you’ve been procrastinating on a creative project, this can be an ideal time to battle through the inner demons that have kept you stalled.


Saturn goes retrograde on March 2. When the planet that signifies responsibility, discipline, boundaries and limitation goes retrograde, we need to reassess these themes. If you take on more than you are able to handle, expect a backslide. It is advisable to only agree to tasks you know you can accomplish because overextension cheats the whole picture. It is better instead to reign in your goals to achievable. The next several months support the ability to put strategies in place that maintain for the long run.  Depending on your business, this may or may not be a time to initiate. Shortcuts are not recommended. Saturn in Scorpio demands a laser-like delving into finances, especially those shared with others.

Jupiter retrograde ends on March 6 and although this does open up opportunity and the ability to take risks, it may be more of a slow reveal more than a sudden outburst. Nonetheless, people with Sagittarius points and/or strong Jupiter placements in the natal horoscope should feel an increase in optimism. Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes good fortune, luck and expansion. Retrograde Jupiter indicates inhibitions or stalled opportunities. Yet it has been a great time to gather and integrate knowledge.  Jupiter in Cancer direct may gather momentum for the real estate market towards the spring and rest of the year.ball

Mix it up! With both Mars and Saturn retrograde, it is critically important to take your time. Although Mercury is now direct, its slow motion still indicates the potential of communication snares, especially when in regards to last month’s activities. Nonetheless, this is an excellent time to revamp and consider how things are put together. Partnerships and financial obligations require particular attention. Once Jupiter goes direct, a buoyancy returns which is very welcome. Optimism while hunkering down provides the promise of why it’s important to do it right.

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