I’ve yet to write about this, but I’ve been feeling it. A lot of astrologers have written about it, the coming conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. It happens exactly on 8/25 and many forecast that it will be an engine of tremendous proportions. Yet Mars and Saturn line up about every 2.5 years, so why the hoopla about this time?

Mars Mars is one of the “personal planets”; its orbit is 2.5 Earth years. The “personal planets” are the ones that move quickly from Earth’s perspective and therefor change from day to day or year to year. They are the obvious markers to an astrologer that someone born one year is going to have a different approach to life than someone born the same day a year later.

Mars symbolizes passion, desire, how you assert yourself and get what you want. The reason so much buzz is around now about when Mars steps in front of Saturn (like the rude upstart it can be) is because presently both planets are in the sign of Scorpio.

When  Mars is in Scorpio it is considered dynamic and a bit ferocious. So depending on your birth horoscope, you may be feeling that Scorpionic drive to succeed, conquer and drive. This becomes very challenging when coupled with the energy of Saturn, because Saturn symbolizes discipline, commitment, responsibility, limitations and fear.

saturnIn mythology, Saturn was technically Mars’ grandfather, although he did not intend for his own children to ever see the light of day. Basically as soon as they were born, he swallowed them. So Saturn is a cold and detached force, one that demands rigorous sacrifice in order to accomplish the goal. You can appreciate why, from a mythological perspective, Mars does not easily respect or trust Saturn and Saturn wants to put a lid on Mars.

When these two planets are in alignment, it signifies how the energy of Mars has an unflinching desire to win, especially in the sign of Scorpio. All odds must be conquered; the goal is never forgotten even when treading water. This particular conjunction therefore, only happens about every 30 years.

The last time was February 1984. That was the coldest winter on record until the second week in the U.S. in February (when the conjunction was exact). Mild Pacific wind blew in with a record warm on Valentine’s Day. Those of you old enough, remember Torvil and Dean, the ice dancers who sizzled with Bolero at the Olympics. They blasted the ice judges notions of what ice dancing was at that time. This was a perfect symbol of Mars/Saturn at its best. This time the conjunction hits in August 2014 when we are having an unusually cool summer, the reverse of February 1984. Mars tempering Saturn is not just force merged with discipline.

February 1984 also revealed that the Reagan administration sold materials to Iraq even though they knew they were being used for chemical weapons.  To quote the Washington Post: The Iraqi military issuing this warning in February 1984: “The invaders should know that for every harmful insect, there is an insecticide capable of annihilating it . . . and Iraq possesses this annihilation insecticide.” 

One can feel quite paralyzed by the weight of Saturn structures: debt, obligation, mortality, fear, time, limitations, physical boundaries, fear, aging, death, responsibilities and did I say it enough times: FEAR. When Mars comes into the field, we may react impulsively or half-heartedly, depending on our comfort zone (or lack of comfort). If you’re feeling this transit personally (which I am) you may be dealing with some physical challenges: teeth, skeletal structure or your vehicle. My personal history with Saturn in Scorpio…

The best way to use the energies of Mars/Saturn is to compress the engine of your desire into a specific goal. If you feel a sense of injustice around you, gather your forces to aim to be heard. If you want to challenge the creative status quo or the seemingly intrenched “powers that be”, then get ready to move with the coming New Moon.

td_1984This Mars/Saturn conjunction occurs the day of the New Moon in Virgo, so no sloppy, half-baked desire will be considered viable for growth. Don’t let yourself get swallowed up by a seeming authority figure’s idea of how things should be. Yet don’t barrel ahead without an awareness to the form that must be held.  Hone your blade, stand in your truth. This is how the world changes. It won’t happen in one day, but be alert to the symbols around you that indicate the winds of change.

By all means, share with us what course of action you intend to take. Or if you’re feeling a sense of inability to act, know that this transit too, will pass.


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