Mars trine Pluto at 6:53 pm EDT today could symbolize a powerful alert for the California fires, or it could signal an incendiary nightmare. This is highly volatile energy which can be directed with laser-like intensity to achieve goals. The less conscious one is about its presence, the less likely to use it effectively. That doesn’t mean someone needs to know astrology, but it does mean that to be comfortable and aware when channeling force is essential for using it wisely. 

The California fires symbolically capture Mars (fire) trine Pluto (death, rebirth, transformation) energy, because fire caused by lightning is earth’s natural way to replenish the soil. Mars is in Leo and this time the fires are threatening some of the most dramatic landscape of Big Sur, as well as land of the wealthy and famous. Pluto has been traveling through California’s 2nd house (values, possessions) and with Mars racing through the 10th (status, visibility), this is a critical juncture.  The spiritual retreat center, Esalen is surrounded by the burning. The odds are they have an astrologer looking at Esalen’s horoscope and advising accordingly.

As an individual, you can look to where the trine of Mars 29 Leo and Pluto 29 Sagittarius falls in your chart. What is your natal relationship with Mars/Pluto energy? In the case of California, using Penfield’s data of 9/9/1850, San Jose at 9:38 am, Pluto and Mars make no direct relationship. Looking further, there is an unconscious relationship because the planetary rulers are in the 12th house.

This could be why California works so well as a “dream-maker” for the world… but not always pleasant dreams! It suggests the antidote for the fires isn’t necessarily the sole responsibility of firefighters… but perhaps in the powerful manifestations of the mind. This goes with the philosophy that California would have fallen into the sea long ago, if not for the many minds who fervently stop it from happening.

For each of us, Mars trine Pluto is an opportunity to stoke the engine of desire and propel forth with an intention. The clearer you are about the outcome and the more directly you’re using it’s power, the better the results. By all means, remain calm, remain conscious and remain clear. When you think of it, send some positive thoughts to California, because whatever the outcome, it is beautiful land deserving resurrection.