MTrumpMelania Trump was born 4/26/70 in Sevnica, Slovenia with no verifiable birth time.

When a celebrity has no time of birth, astrologers use either a noon time or put the Sun Rising. Since Melania is such a private person, it is doubtful that she was born at high noon. Therefore I’ve used a solar chart for her, which puts the Sun on the Ascendant.

Unless Melania was born in the very early hours after midnight, the Moon was in Capricorn; this seems to fit her better than a Sagittarius Moon. Donald Trump has the Sagittarius Moon, which indicates his huge appetite for success, gambles and excess.

Although Melania clearly relishes an opulent lifestyle, she is reserved, careful and in spite of her modeling background, conservative in her values. Even when a young model, she went to bed early, ate healthy and didn’t drink. In her native tongue, I suspect her words are just as measured and that she listens well.

As a Taurus, she values the things that give her a sense of stability and comfort. The Capricorn Moon takes its time in achieving its goals; there are no shortcuts to success.

All the fracas right now about her RNC speech and plagiarism, will probably not reflect badly on her. She gave her speech at the waxing Full Moon in Capricorn and she studied with care the image she wanted to project. (The buzz is that someone modeled Michelle Obama too much!)

MelaniaI have questioned for months the willingness of Trump to serve as president, especially as Saturn approaches the point of his natal Moon in Sagittarius. His temperament is not one of loyalty or steadfastness, in spite of his wife’s speech, as my earlier posts demonstrate.¬†

It always seemed to me that he would bow out in deference to family.

As the news makes sport of Melania, this may be the first sign of his famous habit of leaving when the fire gets too hot.

I suspect Chimamanda Ngozi Adichieknows a bit about astrology… regardless, her fictional account of Melania for the NY Times is a brilliant read.

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