5/31/2010 Yesterday Saturn, the planet symbolizing responsibility and limits, appeared frozen in the sky while its path changed from seemingly backwards to direct in its orbit. This traditionally may indicate the potential for you to gain a foothold on a goal or project.

But today, the planet Neptune (representing spirituality, fantasy and creativity) also changes direction. In this case, the movement is the reverse, which symbolizes an inner journey, not necessarily apparent to the conscious mind.

This can be a tremendously thoughtful time for you if there’s a path to be followed to achieve a prize. There is opportunity to reflect on the “why” of your actions, although this may be uncomfortable to some. It’s best not to choose to escape from deep seeking, no matter how uncomfortable.

The Moon is VOC* from 11:41 pm to 1:08 am ET. This can be a productive time to drift and let your imagination run wherever it may. Whether or not you’ve lost someone in a military context, make time for prayer for those who gave their lives for their country.

The retrograde Neptune supplies a rich loam to let your mind and spirit soar with the potential of a more peaceful world, in spite of all the indications of that as an impossibility.

Shadow Salute ©Cucinell 2010

*Void of Course: the moon will make no other geometric connection to any planet before it moves into the next sign. More about VOC.